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Alumni Association

How time flies! It seems like yesterday when you walked into this institution as a tiny tot and then walked out into fresh green pastures with new dreams which we educators can proudly claim to have helped you dream. As you would, most certainly, reminisce about the time spent in school, with memories mostly sweet, some bitter, you would realise the role played by the school in forming your personality. Your school teachers, you would agree, were just a shade less important than your parents, in moulding you as a human being.

It is, perhaps, time you make us feel prouder! While you reach for greater accomplishments in life, for us, just knowing about your successes and whereabouts will be satisfying enough. It will be a delight for you to know that your alma mater has successfully crossed the milestone of a decade in imparting education and moulding destiny of young minds. At this juncture, we wish to commemorate this occasion by starting our first Alumni Meet, which we hope will cherish in your life. You are cordially invited to be enrolled as a member of the Alumni Association.

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