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Admission to Dr. Bansi Dhar Sr. Sec. School begins with registration of the child. The Registration Form is available at school office.

Standard Operating Procedure for Admission

1. Admission to Dr. Bansi Dhar School begins with registration of the child.

2. The Receptionist will meet the parents, note down their personal details and inform them about the vacancy status, fee details and documents required. The receptionist will also inform about the Entrance Test (if applicable).

3. The Receptionist will take the parents for a school visit.

4. The parent will take the Registration form (chargeable) from accountant along with the brochure. The registration form doesn’t guarantee a seat in the school.

From PG to KG

1. After submitting the registration form – an interaction of the parent and child with Principal and Vice Principal will be arranged by Receptionist.

2. Once the Principal and Vice Principal find the child suitable for admission, the parents will be informed by the Receptionist.

3. The parents will have to submit the following documents:

  • Registration Form duly filled in
  • Copy of Aadhar Card of Child & Parent
  • Two passport size coloured photographs of the child
  • A proof of date of birth issued by Municipal Corporation or any other competent authority has to be submitted
  • Photo copy of Mark Sheet from previous school (for admission in classes I & above)
  • Transfer Certificate in original (if applicable)

4. The parents will fill the Admission Form which will be signed by Principal and respective coordinator. No Admission Form will be accepted by the Accounts Department without the signature of the Principal and Coordinator.

5. Receptionist will make sure the forms are filled properly and reconfirm the spellings, date of birth and other details with the parents. The information in Admission Form should match all the documents submitted especially Aadhar Card.

6. Alongwith the Admission Form the parents will deposit the fees to the accounts department. This completes the admission process.

From I to IX

1. After submitting the registration form, the Receptionist will inform the parents about the Entrance Test.

2. The child appears for the entrance test, his/her answer sheets is checked by the respective subject teachers.

3. The answer sheet is finally reviewed by Principal and Vice Principal – who will confirm the admission of the child. Admissions will be granted on the basis of merit without any compromise in the quality of intake.

4. Subjects for Entrance Test

  • I to II : Written test in English, Hindi and Mathematics
  • III to V : Written test in English, Hindi Mathematics and General Awareness
  • Classes VI to IX: Written test in English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Science
  • XI : Subjects based on Stream Waiting List. Syllabus - NCERT syllabus of corresponding previous class

5. The parents are informed by the Receptionist about their child admission status.

6. Students qualifying in written test will be interviewed by the Principal and Vice Principal.

7. After the admission is confirmed, the parents will fill the admission form.

8. In case the child requires transport, the Receptionist will make the parent meet the Transport Incharge who will fix their requirement accordingly.

Class Born on or Before Age Date as on
Nursery 1/4/2019 If the child is 3 + 31st March 2022
LKG 1/4/2018 If the child is 4 + 31st March 2022
UKG 1/4/2017 If the child is 5 + 31st March 2022
Class I 1/4/2016 If the child is 6 + 31st March 2022
Class II* 1/4/2015 If the child is 7 + 31st March 2022
Class III* 1/4/2014 If the child is 8 + 31st March 2022
Class IV* 1/4/2013 If the child is 9 + 31st March 2022
Class V* 1/4/2012 If the child is 10 + 31st March 2022
Class VI* 1/4/2011 If the child is 11 + 31st March 2022
Class VII* 1/4/2010 If the child is 12 + 31st March 2022
Class VIII* 1/4/2009 If the child is 13 + 31st March 2022
Class IX* 1/4/2008 If the child is 14 + 31st March 2022
Class X* 1/4/2007 If the child is 15 + 31st March 2022
Class XI* 1/4/2006 If the child is 16 + 31st March 2022
Class XII* 1/4/2005 If the child is 17 + 31st March 2022