Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Students must report to school at least five minutes before the bell. As soon as the assembly begins, the school gate will be closed, after which the student will not be permitted to enter the school premises.
Students must come to school in clean uniform and must wear the uniform when travelling to and fro from the school. The I.D. card must be carried by the students at all times.

The speaking of English is enforced within the school premises. Students must use respectful language to communicate with peers or teachers.
Students should care for school property. Students must not write on the walls or on the furniture or carve names on wood work. All breakages must be reported to the class teacher. The cost of repairs or replacement will be recovered from the student.

In case of loss or damage of the library book issued, the cost of same will be recovered from the student.
All smart class rooms' equipment's are for the use of students and teachers. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that no equipment is damaged. The cost of the damaged equipment will be recovered from the student.

Students who are absent from the school for one to two days are required to fill the absent record, duly signed by their parents/ guardians stating the cause of absence. For absence more than 2 days, a leave letter is to be submitted to the class teacher.
Books, magazines, comics, unethical articles, C.D's, mobiles, from outside should not to be brought to school.

During tests and examinations if any student is found cheating then necessary actions will be initiated.